Light plate carrier NP 60 with laser-cut Molle system in front, back and side parts of the plate carrier.

The plate carrier is standardly produced in these colours. It is possible to produce the plate carrier in other colours. For more information please contact us.

Czech Army woodland pattern 95

Low profile carrier is designed to protect the user against the effects of small arms shots, fragments and other mechanical effects. It allows the insertion of hard ballistic panels up to 250 x 300 mm and 25 mm thickness. It can be used in conjunction with a vest for concealed wearing or as a carrier with the proper type of ballistic panel.

Carrier´s construction allows for easy and fast dressing and precise fixing according to the body parameters of the user (it´s universal in size). The carrier allows dressing only by the user without the help of another person.

Variable system allows the vest to be set to user´s perimeter and height to answer an individual requirements of every user. .

There is a laser-cut MOLLE system made at the maximum surface of the carrier on the front, back and side parts.

The carrier is equipped with a ballistic pocket on the front and back part. Panels are inserted into a carrier from above and are secured by a spiral zipper.

There are used materials with thermoregulatory properties and antibacterial treatment on the lower parts of the carrier. The temperature control and the removal of body moisture from the surface of the body are ensured by combining these materials with a 3D fabric. There is created - at the same time - the distance between the ballistic panel and the body surface.

This combination technology of 3D fabric, razor knitwear and spacers is functional when they vest is used over any kind of underwear, T-SHIRT or other garment components. Functionality is not conditional on using of the above mentioned garments with thermoregulatory qualities.


  • Store cabling inside the carrier from left to right.
  • Administrative pocket on the front part, easy access even with the panel inserted.
  • Rescue sliding pull-out loop on rear part, loading capacity 150 kg.
  • Removable front platforms - possibility of placing platforms with MOLLE/PALS system or with pocket for three magazines.
  • Placing a camel bag or exchange platform on the back part (large pocket 25 x 22 x 6 cm and four flash bang grenades).
  • Rigid sides for installation of side panels.
  • The shoulders are made of Hypalon.
  • Adjustable hips in the range of 80 to 155 cm on the back panel under the flap.  

The weight of the cover (without additional protectors and without ballistic inserts):


  • Size L: 0.8 kg.

Protective area of the vest without additional protectors:

Approx. area:

  • According to the hard ballistic panel.



type composition dTex weight [g/m2]
Cordura 750 100% Cordura 770 260.0
Cordura 1000 100% Cordura 1100 337.0
Polyester 100% PES 167 300.0

Ballistic protection:


  • Size: Uni
  • Carrying bag
European standard