LV 55B

The light bullet-proof vest LV 55 B was designed for military missions and for demanding users. The vest is very light and ensures free movement. There are pockets for hard ballistic panels at front, back and sides. The vest could be equipped with additional protectors of shoulders, arms, neck and groin. Side parts of the vest are in three versions, full side parts with ballistic protection and Molle system, webbing side parts and very light laser cut Molle system side part. The vest is equipped with a new type of quick release system, i.e. quick release buckles.

The vest is standardly produced in these colours. It is possible to produce the vest in other colours. For more information please contact us.

Czech Army woodland pattern 95


  • Soft ballistic panels at the front, back and sides parts of the vest.
  • Front, back and sides pockets for hard ballistic panels.
  • Front and back hard ballistic panels are inserted into the pockets in the inside part of the vest.
  • Buckles Quick release system.
  • Size adjustment in side and shoulder parts.
  • Additional neck, groin, shoulders and arms protectors.
  • Additional ballistic belt.
  • Admin pocket on the front part of the vest.
  • Laser-cut Molle system on the front, back and sides parts of the vest. 
  • Fastening of the vest in shoulder part is from back to front direction.
  • Rescue handle (tested for 150 kg).
  • Three types of side parts (full with ballistic protection, webbing and very light laser-cut Molle).
  • 3 liters camel bag simply to fix on the back side of the vest by G buckles.
  • Small water camel bag could be fix on the inner side of the side part by Molle system.
  • Exchangeable front parts (only Molle system; with three magazine pouches for M16/M4/AK47/BREN).
  • The vest is equipped with eyelets for cables for transmitters etc.
  • Back platform for four flash grenade and big pocket. 

Protective area of the vest without additional protectors:

Approx. area:

  • L size: 3 122 cm2



type composition dTex weight [g/m2]
Cordura 750 100% Cordura 770 260.0
Cordura 1000 100% Cordura 1100 337.0
Polyester 100% PES 167 300.0

Ballistic protection:


  • Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Additional protectors: Neck, groin, shoulders and arms.
  • Ballistic belt.  
  • Carrying bag

Level Calibre Weapon Bullet weight Bullet Velocity (V2.25) ± 9.14 m/s Distance Max. depth (mm)
I .22LR LRN, Remington 2.6 g (40 grain) 329 5 m 44
.380 ACP FMJ RN, Remington R380AP 6.2 g (95 grain) 322 5 m 44
IIA 9mm FMJ RN, Remington R9MM2 8.0 g (124 grain) 341 5 m 44
40 S&W FMJ, Winchester B40TC180 11.7 g (180 grain) 322 5 m 44
II 9mm FMJ N, Remington R9MM2 8.0 g (124 grain) 367 5 m 44
.357 Mag JSP, Remington R335M3 10.2 g (158 grain) 436 5 m 44
IIIA 9mm FMJ RN, Remington R9MM2 8.0 g (124 grain) 436 5 m 44
.44 Mag SJHP Remington R44MG3 15.6 g (240 grain) 436 5 m 44

ČSN 395360 Zkoušky odolnosti ochranných prostředků
až do úrovně TBO3
UK PSDB Body Armour Standards
až do úrovně HG2
NIJ STANDARD - 0101.04
až do úrovně IIIA
Balistická ochrana a ochrana proti chladným zbraním
European standard
Available ballistic insert

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