Ballistic T-shirt with hard ballistic panel pockets

The ballistic T-shirt is one of ballistic equipment for personal protection. The ballistic T-shirt is designed for concealed wearing of everyday personal use and during special tasks as well. The ballistic T-shirt provides high protection for managers and VIP persons in places with higher danger of attacks. The ballistic T-shirt is made from elastic materials with zippers on sides for very comfortable wearing, easy taking on and off. Special materials increase comfort in different conditions and moisture wicking. There are pockets on front and back parts of the T-Shirt for hard ballistic panels.

The T-shirt is standardly produced in these colours. It is possible to produce the T-shirt in other colours. For more information please contact us.



  • The inner parts are made of functional materials (Advansa Coolmax All season).
  • Functional materials contain silver and carbon fibres and therefore fibres are antibacterial and eliminate electrostatic discharge. 
  • Fibres are in a combined structure (profiled fibre with a cavity inside) and provide the following characteristics:
  • transport sweat from the body to the larger surface of the T-shirt. This ensures better drying out of the knit. 
  • better thermal isolation (cooler feeling during the summer season, warmer feeling during the winter season).
  • The functional material ensures the best comfortable wearing.
  • The large coverage area and reliable overlap on sides. 
  • High stability of the ballistic inserts even during demanding movements is ensured by multilayer construction. 
  • The multi-layer construction is a high-elastic cover coating, highly absorptive with a sweat drainage system. 
  • Strong, precise and stable clamping according to body parameters.

Protective area of the ballistic T-Shirt:

Approx. area:

  • Protective area depend on the hard ballistic panel

T-shirt weight without soft ballistic panels:

Approx. weight:

  • 0.56 kg in L size

Ballistic protection:



  • Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Transport bag

Level Calibre Weapon Bullet weight Bullet Velocity (V2.25) ± 9.14 m/s Distance Max. depth (mm)
I .22LR LRN, Remington 2.6 g (40 grain) 329 5 m 44
.380 ACP FMJ RN, Remington R380AP 6.2 g (95 grain) 322 5 m 44
IIA 9mm FMJ RN, Remington R9MM2 8.0 g (124 grain) 341 5 m 44
40 S&W FMJ, Winchester B40TC180 11.7 g (180 grain) 322 5 m 44
II 9mm FMJ N, Remington R9MM2 8.0 g (124 grain) 367 5 m 44
.357 Mag JSP, Remington R335M3 10.2 g (158 grain) 436 5 m 44
IIIA 9mm FMJ RN, Remington R9MM2 8.0 g (124 grain) 436 5 m 44
.44 Mag SJHP Remington R44MG3 15.6 g (240 grain) 436 5 m 44

ČSN 395360 Zkoušky odolnosti ochranných prostředků
až do úrovně TBO3
ČSN 395360 Zkoušky odolnosti ochranných prostředků
ČSN 395360 Zkoušky odolnosti ochranných prostředků
UK PSDB Body Armour Standards
až do úrovně HG2
NIJ STANDARD - 0101.04
až do úrovně IIIA
NIJ STANDARD - 0101.04
NIJ STD 0106.01 - úroveň II
NIJ STD 0101.04 - úroveň III.A (9mm, 124gr, FMJ a 0,44 Mag, 240 gr, SWCGC)
Balistická ochrana a ochrana proti chladným zbraním
European standard
Available ballistic insert