Light plate carrier with additional protectors of neck and groin.

The plate carrier is standardly produced in these colours. It is possible to produce the plate carrier in other colours. For more information please contact us.

Czech Army woodland pattern 95
Foliage green


  • Soft ballistic panels at the front, back and sides parts of the plate carrier.
  • Front and back pockets for hard ballistic panels.
  • Size adjustment in hips and shoulder parts.
  • Additional neck and groin protectors.
  • Webbing Molle system on the front, back and sides parts of the plate carrier. 
  • Fastening of the vest in shoulder part by buckles.

Protective area of the vest without additional protectors:

Approx. area:

  • According to the hard ballistic panel.



type composition decitex basis weight [g/m2]
Cordura 93% pa cordura - 7% Lycra 370x335 dtex 235
Cordura 300 100% Cordura 370x370 dtex 190
Cordura 750 100% Cordura 770 dtex 260
Cordura 1000 100% Cordura 337

Ballistic protection:


  • Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Additional protectors: Neck and groin. 
  • Carrying bag
European standard
Available ballistic insert