Ballistic belt Czech Army


The ballistic belt suitably complements a bulletproof vest for outer wearing. The inside part of the ballistic belt is created by 3D fabric with great absorb and breathable properties. 3D absorb sweat and body moisture very well. There are four eyelets for G-buckles of webbing suspenders. Soft ballistic panel in back part is removable. The ballistic belt is created of inner part and outer part for attachment and carrying of pouches.

Czech Army woodland pattern 95
Foliage green


  • Ordinary buckle COBRA (tensile strength - 18 kN)

  • Slip buckle D-ring COBRA (tensile strength - 18 kN of buckle and 22 kN of D-ring)

  • Camouflage pouches attachment

  • Sizes: S, M, L , XL, XXL

Size table 

Waist circumference [cm] 84 - 92 92 - 100 100 - 110 110 - 120 120 - 130

The circumference of the ballistic belt is measured in hip parts of the body, not in waist part, because the ballistic belt is worn under the bulletproof vest. This is the difference with the ordinary belt.

ČSN 395360 Zkoušky odolnosti ochranných prostředků
až do úrovně TBO3
UK PSDB Body Armour Standards
až do úrovně HG2
NIJ STANDARD - 0101.04
až do úrovně IIIA